About Us

Austanz International Pty Ltd (marketing) and Southern Canning Pty Ltd (manufacturing) have associated for more than 20 years to supply Abalone and other Australian sea foods to demanding international markets. Frequent travel to many countries by staff of both companies ensures close contact with emerging consumer trends, and opportunities to discuss product development in a never ending determination to improve the products offered.

Southern Canning Pty Ltd is located in Portland, Victoria in the centre of the South-East Australian Abalone region.  The modern factory (certified and regularly inspected by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) is located close to major Abalone harvesting areas and aquaculture facilities ensuring access to fresh Abalone for processing into superior canned Abalone.  The Managing Director of Southern Canning is a highly qualified food technologist who commits over 30 years of food manufacturing experience to the production of “Austanz”TM canned abalone.

Austanz International Pty Ltd is located in Melbourne, Victoria and has marketed products throughout Asia and the Middle East for 25 years. The company focus is on ‘ products of excellence for consumers who demand excellence ’. The Managing Director of Austanz International is an experienced food marketing executive who commits over 35 years of food marketing experience to the provision of “Austanz”TM canned abalone.