Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms of Trading via the Internet

This document sets out the terms and conditions upon which we Austanz International Pty Ltd will sell goods to you when ordered via this website austanz.com.


The goods we normally have available for sale are set out on the website. From time to time the goods may not be available and whenever possible we will show this on the website.

You should place your order by looking through the website and adding the goods you wish to buy to the shopping basket. When you are happy that you have the goods you want you should proceed to the checkout.

Once you have placed your order at the checkout this will be an offer by you to purchase the goods from us. You will be given an opportunity at the checkout to ensure that your order is accurate.

Your order will be confirmed as having been placed when we send you an email confirming that we have received your order. However this will not be a binding contract between us until we confirm to you that items in your order have been dispatched.


We will try to ensure that we deliver the goods in your order by the time we say we will. However the time is approximate and delivery may be delayed.

We will try to deliver the goods you ordered in the sequence you ordered them but we cannot be held to this. Time will not be of the essence for delivery.

When the goods are available to be delivered to you, you need to ensure that you make arrangements for them to be collected.

If you refuse to take delivery of any of the goods in your order we will not deliver any more goods in the order to you. We will take it in these circumstances that you are repudiating the contract for supply of the goods ordered and we will be able to claim from you damages that we incur as a result.


The price you pay for the goods in your order should be those set out on the website on the date you placed your order. Delivery charges will be added on top.

The price must be paid via the website at the time of placing your order. If you do not pay at that time your order will not be placed.

Your order will not be dispatched until we receive cleared funds. If your payment does not clear or is declined or does not clear for some reason then we will not dispatch your order and no contract will have been formed between us for the supply of goods.

If for some reason you owe us money under this agreement and you do not pay it on time then we reserve the right to charge you interest at 3% above [Commonwealth Bank of Australia] base rate on any outstanding sums.

[The cost of delivery will be set out on the website and will be added to the price at the checkout.

Description of our Goods

The details and description of our goods on the website are a general guide. They do not form part of any contract which is formed between us.

We will however try to ensure that the description of the goods is accurate.

We may make change to the description of the goods from time to time.


You will own the goods when we have received payment and the goods have been dispatched to you.

Risk in the goods will be yours when we have dispatched the goods to you.


We will replace goods free of charge if they are damaged when you receive them or if they are lost due to a fault of ours.

In addition you have the right to return the goods. This is a period of seven days after you receive the goods. You must notify us within the 7 day period by email in order to return the goods.

If you wish to return the goods because of a defect or they are damaged then you must notify us within 3 days by email.

If the goods are returned by you then we will only reimburse the delivery charges to you if it is due to a defect or damage on our part.

Once you have notified us by email, goods should be returned to:

Southern Canning Pty Ltd
8 Hill Court
Portland VIC 3305

Tel:  03 5523 2363

And also include the following information: 

  • Your Order number if known (appears on the top of the confirmation email)
  • Your name and address
  • A description of the item you are returning
  • Whether you would like a refund or exchange. If you wish to exchange it for a different item, please include the name and item number of the replacement item.


We will not be liable to you if there is any delay in supplying the goods to you.

We will not be liable to you if the goods are defective or damaged except that we will either replace such goods for you or refund to you the price if we are unable to replace or repair the goods in question.

Whilst you accept that the warranty we give above is the only remedy you have for damages or defective goods such warranty will only apply if you have paid for the goods in full.

Whatever the circumstance we will not be liable to you for any economic loss, damages, costs or any other expenses you suffer as a result of the supply to you of damaged or defective goods and any liability will be limited to the price you paid under any contract.

Any limitation set out in this agreement will not apply to personal injury or death caused by our (or people acting on our behalf) negligence, liability caused by fraud or any other liability which we are not permitted to exclude by law.

We will further not be liable if there are any errors, omissions or mistakes in the website or our sales literature.

Customer Warranty

When placing an order you are setting out that you are authorised to place the order and there is nothing which will prevent us from supplying to you.


This agreement and any contract formed between us cannot be varied unless we agree to it in writing. Such an agreement can only be made by a person authorised by us. We will not be bound if the person you think has made a variation does not have such authorisation.

If any contract formed under this agreement is not capable of being performed due to circumstances beyond out control we will inform you as soon as possible. Once again we will not be liable to you in these circumstances.

Australian law shall apply to this agreement and any contract formed under this agreement. You agree that any disputes arising from our contracts formed from this agreement will be heard in the Courts of Australia.

Data Protection

We will keep your details to the extent we need to complete your orders and to provide you with any offers we may have in the future.

We will not pass your information on to anyone else unless we have to by law or as we need to ensure that any order you place contract can be fulfilled.

If you do not want to be informed of any offers please contact us at [email protected]


Any complaints about the website or any contract or order made under this website should be done by email to [email protected]

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights of any nature contained on the website are ours used under licence. Nothing in this agreement shall confer any right to such intellectual property.

You may however copy the website in order to view the website when perusing or purchasing goods.

You agree that you will not in any way copy the website or its contents.

You may link to the website but by doing so you agree that you will indemnify us if any action is taken as a result of such a link.

Also any link is subject to these terms and conditions.

Linking may only be to the homepage and not a clear link to any pages contained within the website.